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Whether starting a new business, buying or selling an existing one, or choosing which type of business entity best suits your needs, it is imperative that you have the proper guidance along the way. Creating a business entity such as a partnership, LLC, or corporation is complex, as each type of organization has its own set of state and federal rules to follow. I can help you make sense of the complexities so that you can choose the business organization that is right for you. Ultimately, the best choice for you and your company should be the one that balances personal protection, tax efficiency, and the ability to weather the uncertainties which accompany running a business.

Once your new business is established, I can also help you with drafting or reviewing contracts, annual filing documents, and stock and asset sale agreements.

When you are ready to sell your company or retire, I can advise you on a succession strategy and make sure that your business is integrated with your estate plan so that it will be transferred to your heirs exactly as you intend. With the proper guidance you can relax knowing that your business is taken care of, both now and for generations to come.Business Law Attorney Helena MT

  • Business Lawyer Benefits

    Benefits of working with a Lawyer who specializes in Business Law

    • A business law lawyer will explain the differences between a LLC, PLLP, PC, S Corp, C Corp and Sole Proprietorship so you can pick the best structure for your business goals.
    • Your attorney will help you plan your exit strategy before you even start your own business.
    • Once you have thought through the foundational concepts, your lawyer will help you create your business documents and file them with proper state and federal agencies.